By Anna Smith at Alogical


You’ve drafted a great CV and you have been shortlisted for an interview.  But now the recruiting organisation has told you there are some tests to complete.  It feels a bit like being back at school again!

As usual, I have a few helpful tips I would share as a seasoned HR professional, interviewer and qualified test user.

The recruiting organisation will usually send you an email and it will contain a link to complete the testing at a place of your choice. There are two main types of tests you might be asked to complete:

Ability – this might be numerical, verbal or logical. These tests do have a right or wrong answer and you might be asked to complete these to help the recruiter shortlist or to help them assess how good you are with words, numbers or shapes.  You tend to have a time limit too in which to complete the tests so you are up against the clock.

Personality – these are usually much longer questionnaires and they are about you and your typical behaviours in the workplace.  These tests will look at things like whether you prefer to work alone or with others, if you are quite structured in your approach or more spontaneous or whether you prefer working on practical or operational tasks rather than being more strategic.

The questions can feel quite unusual but there is a reason for all of them and a potential employer will use the results to look at things like ‘team fit’ etc. Personality questionnaires don’t tend to be timed but it is always good to use the first answer or your typical response to each question rather than spending too long deliberating.

It is good practice for the employer to give you some feedback once you have completed the tests too, so don’t be afraid to ask.

If you would like any support or further information, please email me at or visit the Alogical website.