How to sow your Grow Together seed bundle


We have just passed the spring equinox which means the days are now longer than the nights and it is finally time to begin sowing seeds!

In your DBT Grow Together seed bundle, you will find a mix of Paris Market 5 carrots, Iceberg lettuce, Terenzo F1 tomatoes, pot marigolds and Giant Yellow Single sunflowers. You will sow the majority of these seeds in the same way, which we will demonstrate further down in this article – however, there are some vegetables that want to be treated a little differently!


Direct sow your carrots

Any vegetable that develops a taproot will always prefer to be planted directly where it will grow as it likes minimal disturbance of its roots. This means that you shouldn’t bother to sow any carrots or parsnips into trays or individual pots first. Instead, sow the seed directly into the container or bed that you intend to harvest them from. This is true of the carrots included in your seed bundle, even though they are a variety which does not grow a long taproot like traditional carrots do!


If you are completely new to sowing seeds, this method is calling ‘direct sowing’ and this video from the RHS provides an excellent explanation on how to prepare your growing area before sowing the seed.


Tips for indoor sowing

You will need to start the rest of your Grow Together seeds off inside your home or greenhouse in trays or pots. Most seeds will need a consistent temperature of around 12-17 degrees C to germinate so you must ensure they will be kept in a warm place before you start. Keeping your pots somewhere that is too cold is one of the key reasons that seeds fail to germinate.


When you’ve chosen a suitable spot for your seedlings to live, it’s time to start filling your pots or trays up with compost. Be sure to not press down too hard and push all the oxygen out of your compost. Just tapping the pot down a few times will be enough to remove any air pockets and create a level surface for sowing. If your compost is too compacted it can lead to common issues like dampening off, which we will discuss in a later blog post.


If you are a complete beginner to seed sowing, we recommend that you sow all of your Grow Together seeds individually in their own pot or module. This means that you will not have to prick your seedlings out at a later date which reduces the risk of you accidentally killing them. It is really important to make sure you label your pots and trays clearly so that you know what is planted where. Rather than buying labels, we will often cut up an empty and clean plastic milk bottle and use permanent marker to record what we have sown.


This short snippet from an RHS video demonstrates how to sow broccoli seeds and it is equally applicable to sowing your Grow Together seeds.


Watering your seedlings

Seedlings can be fussy little things, and whilst seeds need enough moisture to burst open from their protective covers, they also don’t like to be sat around in too much water when they are growing.

Check your pots and trays daily to ensure that the compost is moist but not wet. When the compost is visibly drying out, water your seeds as finely as possible. Don’t drench them as this can cause the stems to rot.


We hope that this article helps you to feel confident in sowing your new seeds but if you have any questions you can always get in touch at Happy sowing!